Our Story

In 2010 a group of hard working College athletes were determined to find a natural way to fuel never ending daily routines of morning workouts, classes, afternoon practices, night classes and all night library sessions. Always active and living life to the fullest requires the right fuel. Seeing that the healthiest option isn’t always the most convenient whether your a college student, at work, exercising or just looking to optimize your Qi, we decided something had to be done and that health and wellness should be readily available for everyone.

Your Mind Is Your Only Limitation

Ojuko is about breaking limitations. About forming a collective thought of health and wellness in everyday life to enable us all to bridge the gaps and break the barriers.

Our mission

Ojuko’s mission is to provide consumers with the healthiest option possible. At Ojuko we strive to bring organic cold-pressed nutritionally packed good-vibe promoting juices to healthy, vibrant, and active people everywhere.

Ojuko Is a Cold Pressed Juicery

We produce the highest quality organic and local products to sports events, professional athletes, college campuses, sport clubs, office buildings, special events and to anyone looking to clear their mind and optimize their day in a manner that is both convenient and efficient. We specialize in the craftsmanship of the highest quality fresh and organic cold-pressed life-enhancing juices, nut milks, elixirs and tonics in hopes that you’ll take on your day with the healthiest stuff possible in your body.