Environamental sustainability & Ecological Principles

OJUKO Eco-Logic™


We made what we wanted to put in our own bodies but couldn’t find anywhere else: “Fresh…Organic…Honest”. That’s our mission and our promise. It guides everything we do and everything we sell.

OJUKO Eco-Logic™

Eco-logic™ [ek-oh – loj-ik] noun – reasoning conducted based on sustainable environmental and ecological principles of validity.

OJUKO is beyond juice and truly makes a difference. OJUKO juice will make an impact not only for the drinker but for the planet. If we are going to spend all the time and effort we do to get that bottle of premium organic 100% cold-pressed juice into your hands than we want it to do more than just make you feel good about you, but feel good about supporting the sustainability of our ecosystem.

Our goal is to make every aspect of our business eco friendly, sustainable and positively impactful in some way.


It Starts From the Ground Up

Local Sourcing

– Produce sourced local in sunny California.
– Organic whenever possible
– Recycled packaging sourced local


– Raw materials for bottles come from industrial hemp, sugar cane & other post consumer waste.
– All print media are printed on post consumer recycled materials.
– Educational materials


– All food waste after we juice is composted and sent back to our local farms to be replanted in the soil
% of food waste goes towards supporting vegan farming
– Post Consumer bottle recycling program:
In store
– Social: Take a picture recycling OJUKO juice, tag us and receive a reward, coupon, or a free item


OJUKO juice is unique in flavor and loaded with naturally occurring health benefits you can truly feel.

While every juice is different, they share 3 commonalities:
1. Bring awareness to an eco-logic™ issue we face today
2. Donate a % back towards an eco-logic™ cause.
3. Make you feel good about life.

Issue: Deforestation affects entire habitats and ecosystems. Resolve: 1 for 1. One tree will be planted for every bottle of Earth sold.

Issue: California Fires have devastated our wild life and left many without a home. Resolve: 1% of profits will go towards the California Fire Relief Fund.

Issue: To improve our air quality we need greatly lessen our carbon emissions Resolve: 1% towards funding zero emission technology
Issue: Diminishing supply of drinking water. Resolve: 1% towards desalinization research and technology.



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